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    $80 Private

    $65 Person/Semi-Private

    $55 Person/Group

    *There is a $15 ship-in fee @ Whispering Meadows Farm

    *There is a $5 discount for Active USPC members/families for private lessons


    Please note that appropriate riding attire is required at all times. This includes ASTM/SEI approved helmets that MUST be worn while mounted and are encouraged to be worn at all times around the barn. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, or a full lesson fee is charged.

    There is a $50 return check fee.

  • $100 for events not on the DGE calendar
  • $80 for events on the DGE calendar
  • *travel fees may apply*
  • NOTE:

    Please note that appropriate riding attire is required at all times. This includes ASTM/SEI approved helmets that MUST be worn while mounted and are encouraged to be worn at all times around the barn. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, or a full lesson fee is charged.

    There is a $50 return check fee.


    $50/ride if ridden two or less times a week

    $40/ride if ridden three - four times a week

    $35/ride if ridden five times a week

  • *travel fees may apply*

    Courtney works as both a buyer’s agent and consignment agent to make the entire process fun and enjoyable for both parties. For her services, a 12% commission is charged for all sales.


    Owner pays all routine bills on horse (shipping, board, farrier, vet, etc) and a 20% commission is owed to “Courtney Sendak” for sales services and training fees at the time of sale.


I acquired an OTTB as a show hunter prospect. After spending some time working with him, I realized this horse does not enjoy the show hunter job. I advertised him for sale and I had absolutely no luck finding him a new home. A friend suggested that I take him to Courtney’s to see if he could be an event horse. I took him there the next day and I was greeted by one of the most positive horse trainers I have ever met. She liked the horse and I ended up leaving him with her on training board for 2 months. Courtney made incredible progress with this green horse, even got him to the point of teaching lessons on him. She made countless contacts to find this horse the right home. Numerous potential customers came back to me and reported how wonderful Courtney is to work with. She was great for the buyer and seller, and most importantly she always did what was right for the horse. Kara Evans

Sometimes you notice a horse and start to follow their progress as they compete; racing, steeplechase, dressage or eventing. And so I noticed Will Ya Love Me. Not because he was a palomino in a sea of bays but because he was a Connemara pony, small, agile, and with an amazing jump. Then I began to notice the rider, Courtney Sendak, who trusted this little guy to do it all. That bond, her riding skill, and his ability have taken them to the Advanced level. A true partnership.

So turn the channel, and there is my Annie, standing in the field, a beautiful, 14.2h, 10 year old mare. Her dark good looks coming from her Connemara sire, she can jump like a cat and has a canter to die for. She needs a job and Mom can’t do it. Got to put her back into work, find that job and a partner that can grow with her.

Pony, connemara, eventing…….Courtney! And so, after Annie’s extensive tune up, and with the network of young riders that Courtney has established, Annie has a job and a new partner, a lovely young rider, capable and up for a challenge. But wait….I’ve gotten to watch Courtney ride the big boys. Taking the unschooled and unwanted to bigger and better heights. An athletic and talented horseperson and a good human being.
Sarah and Annie….go for it! Kathleen Sanner

"Sophie met Courtney at LHPC Summer Camp where Courtney was her instructor. Sophie has a rather opinionated, cheeky pony that she occasionally had difficulty convincing to what she wanted him to do - be it big OR small! Sophie instantly engaged with Courtney's teaching method - and boy did she and the pony progress! Since Sophie's experience with Courtney was so positive and effective, Sophie has taken some additional lessons with Courtney to improve her XC skills. The results have been outstanding. Sophie's confidence and her understanding of executing technically difficult courses has grown by leaps and bounds. Courtney has a natural, sharp understanding of horse behavior (especially cheeky ponies) which helps her students gain confidence in controlling their mount. Equally important, Courtney, has a wonderful disposition with her students. Courtney's style of instruction is fun and exciting." Suzanne

“I’ve always thought of Courtney as a real go-getter, and she’s always been very determined and dedicated.” Julia Wendell, 3-Star Rider and Owner of An Otherwise Perfect Farm

I thought you did a great job teaching the kids and I think what I liked best was that you worked with the child and the pony. Annie has not been able to pick up the left lead for an entire year but with help from you she was able to pick up that lead. She was so happy and felt a real accomplishment from that success. You took the time to teach her a technique that worked!! Shannon was riding a green pony and you taught her how to work through some of his issues. I think you also taught Shannon how to be a quieter rider and not rush the pony and stay collected to jumps. Thanks for all your help! Brenda Berg

After meeting Courtney at PC nationals in 2008, and having her up to teach PC clinics in 2009 and 2010 at my home club in upstate NY; I asked her to take over the ride on my 6 year old trakehner mare, Zoe while I was doing an internship in Washington DC during the fall of 2010. Courtney spent the fall working with Zoe to develop her self carriage, her conscience (she never really cared about hitting SJ poles) and transitions--as well as competing her at local MD and VA events. I could not have been happier with Zoe's progress. She came back to be fit and looking like an adult, her rideability totally improved. My already talented baby was growing up! Courtney took the time to work with her, with proper training and long term success always being the rule and goal. No gimmicks, no tricks, just good horsemanship and training.

My club really enjoys having Courtney up for clinics. She is always positive, but pushes her students to do their best. We love that she notices and anticipates our habits and has a no-nonsense attitude about our need to fix them. We have really benefited from the combination of real world eventing experience that Courtney brings to table, combined with the Pony Cub background that we are familiar with. Would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a clinician or instructor for all ages. Brittnie Chidsey