TheManInTheGlass, 15.2 hand 2007 OTTB chestnut gelding.

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Riley was seen at New Holland by Emily Daignault, where she offered to help market him rather than see him potentially end in a bad situation since it was a “must sell now” scenario. Emily contacted Sabrina Morris, who then contacted Courtney to suggest looking at the small, plain chestnut who seemed to be down on his luck. Courtney tried him, and then took the trailer the next day… and the rest is history!

Riley has developed into quite the competitive horse, currently campaigning at the intermediate level. Many things greatly displease him such as grooming, bathing, excessive touching, and most other horses. He can be quite lazy, although if corrected he can quickly become offended that you critiqued his life choices. Occasionally this conversation occurs in the midst of a dressage test, which result in a range of scores from 3 to 8.5 with comments “not required at this level” or “split personality today”. Despite this “personality”, Riley has become the main man in the barn and has definitely earned this diva status.


DGE Kiss Prints is a 2007, 15.3 hand bay OTTB mare with 20 starts. Acquiring Kiss Prints is an interesting story, as friend and sponsor Sabrina Morris had mentioned a free, little bay mare for sale and suggested Courtney pick her up. This wasn’t the model we were hoping to add to DGE, instead on the hunt for a 16.1/16.2 gelding with chrome. Two days later, Courtney had a voicemail from Sabrina which started, “Don’t be mad. I put that bay filly in the first stall on the left in your barn. You will thank me later.” Courtney walked into the barn that afternoon only to find KP weaving, cribbing, and causing a downright commotion. However, KP’s owner had asked for the filly to be put down because she was dangerous and would be really difficult to place. So in light of these circumstances, Courtney opted to keep KP and see what she had to offer.
While KP’s career has been plagued with serious injuries, she has become a solid intermediate horse with an impeccable cross-country record. Her downright fearless cross-country and bold independence makes her a bit difficult on the flat. KP will be spending the 2020 season back at the intermediate level, finessing her performance at this level with hopes of a fall CCI***.

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Royal Millennium, owned by Melissa Payne and Kathy Sheldon 2000 grey OTTB gelding. 16.2 hands

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Milo is one of the luckiest horses we know, having two of the most fabulous owners who whole-heartedly support his career! Milo is a veteran of the hunter arena, where he was quickly growing bored and becoming a bit of a punk. Thanks to Brenda and Joe of Normar Farm (strong supporters of DGE), they steered Milo towards a second career in eventing under the guidance of Courtney.
Milo has taken to eventing like a fish to water! He LOVES the cross-country phase, and judges appreciate his consistent, obedient work in the dressage arena. He can get a bit strong in the jumping phases but was very successful through the preliminary level.
Now at the ripe old age of 20, Milo is enjoying his semi-retirement still with us at DGE. He teaches lessons and is looking for someone who would like to work with him at the lower levels and enjoy all that he still has to offer.

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Forrest was purchased sight unseen from the acclaimed Jessica Redman. With a full load of competing and sale horses in the barn, Forrest spent most of his first year hacking and learning the basics of flatwork. What we quickly came to realize is not only is his conformation and way of going very correct (with a WOW canter), but he has an incredible brain. Off for three weeks and perfect the first time you hop on him type of brain. I absolutely adore this horse, you can't help but smile when you see his face in the barn. His only flaw... he likes to go streaking.... even on cold, rainy days. I haven't quite figured out which make/model blanket he will keep on, but the trick is getting a bit old already!

Forrest has competed a couple of times, finishing on a score in the low 20's. He will continue to compete at the lower levels in eventing this year with hopes to finish of the year at training level. Forrest is enjoying being half-leased to a junior rider who is focusing on dressage. See, OTTBs can really do it all!

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WIL'YA LOVE ME aka Willy

After retiring from the top levels in eventing, Willy spent several years leased out to young riders teaching them all about the thrill of eventing. Willy is now back home with us and is finally doing what we originally purchased him for .... a "mom" horse. At the age of 22, Willy is still enjoying his role as "professor", although he will still keep riders on their toes!

Courtney purchased Willy as a two-year-old because....he looked like Roy Roger’s Trigger! It was quickly evident that Willy was rather complicated and spooky - he rarely had problems with the fences, but he would stop and spin when he saw fence judges, groups of spectators, birds, horse-eating-butterflies...anything that moved! However, his incredible jumping form convinced Courtney that this pony was quite special.

With Courtney’s careful training this spooky pony has become one of the most recognized and accomplished event ponies in Area II. Together they placed 5th at Plantation Field CIC**, captured a silver medal at the 2006 NAYRC CCI* competition, and earned Connemara of the Year in Training, Preliminary, and Intermediate (2x) Eventing Levels. In 2010 they earned the USEF McKenna Award for the highest earning Connemara in eventing.

Willy is one of a select few purebred Connemaras to ever compete above preliminary, and with his striking color and small “superman” stature he stands out wherever he goes. It is absolutely magical to watch this horse, you would never know that he is so small!

For the 2012 competition season, Willy has successfully made the move to Advanced. Most recently he finished in 3rd place in the advanced division at Fair Hill International Horse Trials.

  • 2012 Advanced Purebred Connemara of the Year
  • 7.1.2012 - Loudoun Fall H.T. - Intermediate - 1st
  • 7.1.2012 - Horse Park of NJ - Advanced - 10th
  • 4.20.2012 - Fair Hill- Advanced - 3rd out of 25
  • 3.23.2012 - Southern Pines - Advanced - 19th
  • 2.24.2012 - Pine Top - Advanced - 18th out of 24
  • 2.10.2012 - Pine Top - Intermediate - 7th
  • 2.4.2012 - Sporting Days - Preliminary - 3rd
  • 7.30.2011 - Horse Park of NJ - Intermediate - 7th
  • 6.18.2011 - Seneca Valley Pony Club - Intermediate - 6th
  • 5.7.2011 - MCTA H.T. - Intermediate - 5th out of 14th
  • 2.25.2011 - Pine Top Advanced - Intermediate - 8th
  • 2.12.2011 - Pine Top Winter - 8th out of 15th
  • 10.2.2010 - Morven Park H.T. - Intermediate 3rd
  • 9.17.2010 - Plantation Field H.T. - Star CIC 2* - 5th
  • 9.4.2010 - Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T. - Intermediate - 7th
  • 8.28.2010 - Loudon Hunt Pony Club H.T. - Intermediate - 8th
  • 5.1.2010 - MCTA H.T. - Intermediate 3rd
  • 4.1.2010 - The Fork H.T. and CIC3* - Intermediate 4th
  • 3.19.2010 - Southern Pines H.T. - Intermediate 13th
  • 3.12.2010 - Full Gallop Farm - Intermidiate 4th

CODE RED aka Cody

Some people say they are just horses, but to me they are family.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell all of our wonderful friends and family that we made the difficult decision this evening to say goodbye to a member of our family, Code Red. Cody was always a fighter until his last moments when it became all too obvious that there was nothing left we could do but end his suffering. Julia and Barrett have kindly offered to let Cody rest at AOPF, where he can now look over the farm he called home and loved for so many years. Cody touched so many lives throughout the 17 years he was with us. We purchased him on a whim as a 3 coming 4 yr old. He failed the vetting miserably... OCD in his hocks, 14.2 at the withers and 15.2 at his hindend, etc ... in fact, the vet strongly recommended we pass on him. But my mother and I were already in love with the underweight, scrawny chestnut that we ignored all reason and made the bold leap into horse ownership for $2,000. We knew next to nothing about horses, so poor Cody had to endure a "first-time family." But life with Cody wasn't all roses, he knew how to walk, trot, and buck.... so badly that I often made my mom get on him and canter him! Our first couple years of showing were rough to say the least... usually ending up in me covered in sand and Cody running around whatever show grounds we happened to be visiting. After some of the "big girls" rode Cody to give him more mileage, things started to click. And Cody and I began winning in the hunter and equitation rings. We soon made the switch to eventing and became involved with pony club and dabbled in foxhunting (may or may not have galloped past the master at the junior hunt way back when... opps!). Cody clearly loved the sport of eventing, earning top placings in almost all of Maryland's recognized novice events.... earned a spot on the USEA Junior Novice Leaderboard and quite a number of MCTA year-end awards. We tried our hand at training level, but after a few successful outings, Cody's body just wasn't up to the task so he was passed on to my younger sister while I shifted my focus to Willy. Cody taught Mekayla Sendak about dressage and jumping, and helped her earn her C1 PC rating. They ALWAYS won the dressage, and typically came home with a big, blue ribbon. After Mekayla moved on to having a social life/boys/crew, Cody faced a life of semi-retirement and became my mom's pony & lesson pony. He was grumpy about this new setup at first, but I secretly think he loved teaching people. He sized-up his rider in a matter of minutes, and knew if he needed to take care of his rider or make them work for it! But most importantly he took tremendous care of my mom, even when she tried pretty darn hard to come off, Cody would slow down and get her back in the tack. There is nothing more terrifying than coaching your mom around her BBN courses.... but I knew Cody would always take care of her, even when he rolled his eyes at the little logs on the ground.

Over the years Cody instilled confidence in so many of our friends and my students... taking nearly everyone over their first couple cross-country fences. Needed a fun, confident jump-school? Cody was your guy. Boyfriend's first ride on a horse... Cody was your guy. Small child learning to ride... Cody. Adult learning dressage, and fixing jumping position... Cody. He touched so many lives, taught so many people and I know he enjoyed every minute of it (especially the mints which came with it). He was my very first pony and dealt with my mistakes (both on and off the horse) while giving me the confidence I needed to ride each and every horse thereafter. He was my shoulder to cry on when kids teased me about riding horses in school or going through the heartbreak of the N'Sync breakup. He was always a horse you could count on, he was safe and wickedly smart.... even teaching Willy how to escape through stall guards. He was a little pony with the largest heart.... and will forever be a huge part of our family. Thank you Cody for 17 amazing years, I know you will be galloping right beside me.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful words, texts, messages, and calls. It has meant everything to my family and those that loved Cody as we go through this difficult time.

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